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So, my first full-fledged non-stop weekend since the Back Thing started. My back does hurt from it, but it's nice to feel like I'm living my life again.

Friday night I got down to some serious craftenating. I culled more of my craft things (seed beads? I believe I last touched these for actual crafting in 1996. Donated to an appreciative crafter!) and completed two projects that had been in the works for a while, thus freeing up space by way of getting rid of materials. Anyone need half a bag of fiber fill?

Saturday I went back to drum lessons for the first time in a while. That was a freaking nightmare if only because there are half the parking spaces in the tri-state area that there were on Wednesday. I made it home, in a little pain, and met up with angela_la_la for lunch. Pasta Nostra has a really reasonable lunch menu. She dropped me back off and I chilled a little bit before doing some birthday-related duckpin bowling, which I was iffy on, but naturally when I got in there I couldn't not bowl. I think it was good exercise and I didn't overdo it. I appreciated the experience from a happy to be around people perspective. Later we had dinner at Franklin's, and I probably said seven or eight really dumb things. *cringe* There were blue cheese mashed potatoes, so it's a win. Another parking lot ice skating experience there.

I fell asleep on the couch while Jack finished off FF5 and woke up at 5am like UGH. (They replayed the Justin Timberlake SNL. "I sure hope a third thing doesn't happen to it!" is now going to be in Jack's and my shared lexicon.) Dragged my sorry ass into the actual bed and woke up only to find out that the Arcana game was cancelled on account of plague. It's really not the sort of tabletop game for which you can leave someone out a session. (Drama!) Jack and I went out to Hanamura for sushi instead and it was heavenly. I wonder if we will ever go back to Sushi King? I suppose only if they start serving sweet potato tempura rolls.

After that I drove into DC for band practice. The first two songs we learned are tight, but I need to play to a metronome for a month or so if I want song 2 not to sound like stuttery shit. The other songs are definitely coming together. We recorded our set on a crummy computer mic just to hear it. Hence the stuttery shit comment. It snowed a bit while we were in there and I had a harrowing drive back up 29, all the while reminding myself that it's worth it because I love music and thank god I didn't buy a Mustang.

Just now I have completed the Awesomest Workout Mix. I put it together according to beats per minute so that it builds up and cools down. I am very excited about it, and will be sending it out to the requestors. If anyone wants a copy, just comment.

Due to being really excited about living a normal life this weekend (ow) I may have been way too full of 'personality'. In fact I feel very brain to mouthy lately and have a whole bunch of contrasting shame/delight feelings about that.
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