keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Other assorted notes:

I just got a papercut. CURSES!

Beauty & the Geek: I never thought I would root for a playboy model to win anything. That was awesome TV right there! Go Scooter and Megan! Plus, we all knew that Nate was never a geek in the first damn place, he was a hipster. And he didn't need to change, he was just fine how he was.

American Idol: My only disappointment is that they ditched beard guy. I have 5 favorites, so as long as they don't all get cut right away, I'm ok!

I am trying out side by side with WW for a while; maybe i will be able to save that $15/month.

There was something else, but I forgot.
Tags: tv, ww
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