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oh, hi winter.

I had a minor breakdown this morning getting the car out of its spot. We had cleaned the car off, see, but neglected to do anything about the surrounding environs. As far as I was concerned, the ice was well below the undercarriage of the car, so I should just be able to slide over it, right? Ha ha, that was dumb. I mean, it eventually worked out that way, but it would have been a ton easier if we had applied a little salt yesterday and broken things up a bit.

The rest of the world, at least between me and work, was well salted so that wasn't so bad.

At the last minute I decided to go ahead and take Crownsville Road, which was brilliant, because the ice-covered trees were incredible to behold in the morning sunlight, and the sides of the road looked as if they'd been showered not with dirty snow but millions of shards of clear glass. Appropriately, I am wearing some of my Sea of Glass imp from BPAL today.

I woke up with a twitch, which tells me I very much did not get enough sleep last night. Meh.
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