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hello shoes

I am now the proud owner of a pair of actual Earth Shoes:

Courtesy of a sale at the local "healthy crunchy shoes" shop here in Annapolis. In honor of the occasion, I made a long-overdue big fat hippie icon. My icon skills are for crap - if anyone with better icon skills would like to make an excellent icon of a giant hippie terrorizing the countryside, PLEASE feel free. I think they may be helping my back! But I can't tell because right now there are many things going on with the back.

One, the red tide is in. Obvious.

Two, I had a real clinical-type massage on Tuesday, and Stacy (everyone is wayyyy friendly at the Sport and Spine, such that you get on a first name basis with everyone immediatement) pushed around knots I've probably had since 1997. I am sore from neck to thigh. I woke up with a special headache, despite drinking lots of water as she warned me to. This was my first massage, and once the soreness and cramps go away, I am hoping I will find it did me many favors. It certainly FEELS like some things changed significantly. I had knots in my glutes!! I had no idea!

Last night I called in a musical favor to Kees, and he came by and we jammed on my half-written song. Despite not drumming for two weeks, I was only but so rusty. Yay! Deborah also came by to excise some craft things from my "wouldn't fit in the tiny house* so it has to go!" pile. We talked about organizing the craft/spare/workout/storage room. I am rapidly removing "clutter" on the list of things I allow to limit me and replacing it with "dirt". I don't worry about clutter like I used to, but the dirtiness of the house is getting to me.

Feeling a little more myself. The TV addiction has got to go.

* First, Claire's mom's awesome trailer on Heroes is not helping my tiny house obsession. Second, I totally stumbled across this while googling something unrelated today. Everything about my tiny house obsession makes my own home seem more palatial and fantastic. Yay! Now if only it weren't filthy.
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