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when it rains...

when it rains, does it not also seem to pour? and i'm not talkin' bout the weather.

today i bought meat; even went to the butcher and had them cut me some steaks, however, the flirty butcher wasn't there today. marinated them in some oil, vinegar, and lots and lots of garlic. i cheated and got the already minced kind in a can. :-/ i set the VCR to tape me some Law & Order, and promptly hit the hay. fortunately, i woke up in time to stop by dharshai's to toss stuff on the grill and have a fun evening. it was like my dream! all my friends together watching trading spaces!

i forgot the other exciting news, which was that i am "commissioning" lars to make me some abstract modern art for my wall. i brought him some of my authentically vintage interior design books to get ideas from. i'm all excited!

tomorrow traceracer is coming over to gab. and eat some of my sauce. THAT IS NOT A EUPHEMISM, SHEEZ. wednesday is brickskeller time. i think i even get that night off so that i can enjoy a tasty alcoholic beverage.

i told my shiftmate (and technical lead) about the talk i had with the director of the department, and he freaked a little bit. i think i must have some kind of lesson to learn about trusting people at work. you'd think i had learned at intermedia? i hate people telling me i should not be frank because it might get me fired if someone decided to take something personally. although, i guess that's reality.
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