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For the BPAL fans and the spreadsheet fans

Proof that I'm a nutjob.

So this lists the scents that I have tried and would be willing to buy in full size. And finds the notes that most commonly appear. I grouped some, like for example "red musk" will show up under "musks" and suchlike. The system needs some refining - suggestions welcome - but overall It's nice to be able to see clearly when things show up more than once.

I'd like to maybe give some weights - a 2 when something is clearly the reason I like the whole package, stuff like that. I could put in a -1 if it's something I have really disliked in other scents, and I could add ALL the oils and notes I have tried and weigh ALL their notes. But I probably won't - this wasted enough of my precious time. The silliest part is that it didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know - just helped reinforce. :)
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