keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

a weekend of laze

my weekend was low-key, and that is a laughably overestimated statement. i mostly just laid around. i did go to my drum lesson, and driving there tweaked my back, and we moved my computer to the standing-up desk, which, to my horror i discovered didn't help much if at all. i can't use the computer at home for more than ten minutes at a time. i watched every episode of penn & teller's bullshit that i hadn't seen yet, and went through phases of annoyed and amused at that. girls night was saturday and i had fun, although i was still in a bunch of pain.

jack and i had the most fun while trying to fall asleep saturday night playing a stupid game i made up that is basically 'name a song on a soundtrack'. you have to name a song that was on a soundtrack and the movie it was on the soundtrack for. you take turns. whoever can't name one any more loses. rules: you can't name more than one song from the same movie yourself, but your opponent can name another song from a movie you have already mentioned. if your opponent wins with a movie you have already mentioned, then you actually tie. we did this for hours (would have been a whole lot shorter if we had disallowed musicals) and he won with 'eye of the tiger' from rocky because i couldn't think of the name of that movie that used the 'hotstepper' song. which, by the way, i now recall was pret-a-porter. try it with your loved ones. adjust the rules as you see fit.

sunday jack made chili and we played final fantasy (IX, on the PS2 so i could be supine). i discovered that i cannot open 'Memos' on my treo 700p because it resets every time i try. any palm advice is welcome, since that's where i keep all my directions and not being able to use it would waste paper.

not being able to compute at home has me sort of paralyzed in my personal life. sick, isn't it! i can't figure out what the hell i am doing. and i am discouraged every time i look around the house, because i can't clean anything. i know, i am a whiner lately. yeah.
Tags: health, jack, tv
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