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Wherein I admit I like a webcomic

First, I suppose I should admit that I loathe most webcomics. Cat and Girl being the notable exception. Most of them have twisted senses of humor I don't get, are drawn... subpar or are about geeky in-jokes I have long since ceased caring about. That is not to cast aspersions on those of you who like or create webcomics, just it has been repeatedly proven that it is not my thing.

But this past week a webcomic has come to my attention for awesome entries twice!! Almost in a row!! So if there is an LJ feed for xkcd, someone let me know, because I will subscribe.

Seriously people, don't tell me how funny the Perry Bible Fellowship is again. Funny is subjective. In SnideLand, that is not funny.


Nope, I checked again. Still not funny.
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