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for the non-cooks like me

Reviews of recent "healthy" microwaveable meals: (x-posted to _weightwatchers)

Kashi Lemon Rosemary Chicken: This was just gross. No taste to it, or the rosemary had some kind of negative effect on me, since I admit I sometimes don't like rosemary. But to me this tasted like... nothing. Dust. Negative space. I salted the crap out of it and ate it anyways. The texture was fine, and it looked alright, but it tasted just bad. I think I will keep the Kashi for cereal. (7 WW Points)
Campbell's Chunky To Go Chicken Noodle: I am fond of this! I had been drinking the ones that come in a drinkable cup, the non chunky ones, and admit to reticence about those. But these taste great! And are actually filling! I don't feel like I need to supplement them with a bunch of crackers and crap. But I can, because they are not that many calories. I have also tried their "Sirloin Burger" and it is quite good as well. And has tiny burgers in it... I mean, c'mon. (3 to 4 WW points)
Amy's Vegetable Lasagna: This is the reason I went ahead and made this post. When I was last at the grocery store, I bought several different veggie/organic lasagnas to try, and was planning on posting reviews of them all together. Then my back hurt and I was lazy. But this is worth posting about. Maybe it's just easier to make microwavable lasagna that tastes good? I don't know but this tastes awesome, just as awesome as any other lasagna I've had out of the oven. Proof you can eat cheese and be healthy at the same time. I am chowing down on one right now and yum. Will buy again! (6 WW points)



Jan. 24th, 2007 07:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there's something about about frozen lasagnas that makes them at least as good as you could make at home, and probably better, so there's absolutely no point in even trying top go through the hassle of making home made lasagnas any more; just buy the ice brick for when you need to cook for 10 but don't feel like spending any time in the kitchen.
Jan. 24th, 2007 08:06 pm (UTC)
I like some frozen lasagnas, but I've had homemade lasagnas that blew their fucking pants off.  A couple of them were even made with my assistance, so this isn't exactly brain science or rocket surgery or what-have-you.