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Reviews of recent "healthy" microwaveable meals: (x-posted to _weightwatchers)

Kashi Lemon Rosemary Chicken: This was just gross. No taste to it, or the rosemary had some kind of negative effect on me, since I admit I sometimes don't like rosemary. But to me this tasted like... nothing. Dust. Negative space. I salted the crap out of it and ate it anyways. The texture was fine, and it looked alright, but it tasted just bad. I think I will keep the Kashi for cereal. (7 WW Points)
Campbell's Chunky To Go Chicken Noodle: I am fond of this! I had been drinking the ones that come in a drinkable cup, the non chunky ones, and admit to reticence about those. But these taste great! And are actually filling! I don't feel like I need to supplement them with a bunch of crackers and crap. But I can, because they are not that many calories. I have also tried their "Sirloin Burger" and it is quite good as well. And has tiny burgers in it... I mean, c'mon. (3 to 4 WW points)
Amy's Vegetable Lasagna: This is the reason I went ahead and made this post. When I was last at the grocery store, I bought several different veggie/organic lasagnas to try, and was planning on posting reviews of them all together. Then my back hurt and I was lazy. But this is worth posting about. Maybe it's just easier to make microwavable lasagna that tastes good? I don't know but this tastes awesome, just as awesome as any other lasagna I've had out of the oven. Proof you can eat cheese and be healthy at the same time. I am chowing down on one right now and yum. Will buy again! (6 WW points)
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