keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

survey! excellence

If you could excel at one thing (either that you currently are good at, or something you are totally not) like, were truly gifted/savant about this one thing, what would it be? Nothing supernatural, here, kids. Just like... could talk really fast like that guy in the Micro Machines commercial.

Mine would be:
1. DUH natural musical talent.

Distant second and third:
2. eidetic memory (not if it had to be at the cost of being socially competent!)
3. see why i want #2? i already forgot #3. oh wait: i think it was "to be really good with money/know how to invest/save"

This thought brought to you by ten minutes on the massage table this morning. Did I mention there is a little mobile over the table with spine bits hanging from it? I tried to tell them to replace that with pictures of dolphins. Because it's really easy to imagine that you're floating along and dolphins are nudging you from underneath when you lay there.
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