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Today in the Roly-Poly while I was waiting for my roly, a woman and her two kids came in. These were the kind of kids I would like to have. Quiet, but radiating kid-personality. The younger, a girl, had glasses already. I'd say she was 4. She had big ol' pigtails. Adorable. The elder, a boy, had on crocs. As he stood there in line he was totally staring at me (and my hair was under a hat, so it wasn't that) and smiled and raised his hand to give me the motionless-wave. I non-waved back. It totally made my day. (Of course, he kept staring at me, and I didn't know what to do with myself.)

When I left PT this morning, I felt normal. I already feel bad again, but I don't remember when I last felt normal, so that was really exciting.

Everyone is back at work so there is alot of activity - it is energizing, even if I am feeling more solidly confused about the long-term.

It started snowing a little.

It's great to be alive!

edit: Also, from my bandmate: cheese drums
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