keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

oh yeah, and i dreamed i was back in school (college, but populated mostly with my middle school teachers), and that once again i was unintentionally skipping english class. i was doing really well in math. i went in to the office (physically located in the middle school office at norfolk academy as it was when i went there) to see if it was too late to drop english class, and who was there but my english prof (dr. noffsinger, as i remember him from 1993) who made a weird face at me and ran off. i went to the advisor (some faculty member... whose name escapes me now... he was the middle school director or asst. director at the time of my attendance) to ask to drop, and he was all "YOUR ENGLISH TEACHER SO DISAPPOINTED BLAH BLAH" and i felt awful but i then explained that i always used to have these dreams about completely forgetting to go to a class, and now the dream has become REAL, and please couldn't he let me work it out somehow, as english was my favorite subject.

dear self: you have never forgotten to go to a class for an entire semester. that's ludicrous. STOP DREAMING ABOUT IT, EVEN IN YOUR DREAMS!
Tags: dream
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