keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

We're back!

- The kitties appear to have survived with their attitudes intact. It's like we never left.

- I am a beach person once more. I just needed 12 years off.

- My family and Jack's family are, fortunately, good at getting along together.

- Being out in the further reaches of anyplace - well, I can just say I thought about my imaginary tiny house a lot this week. There is nothing really to say about it, but I am courting the loner in me.

- Ironically, the "cottage" we stayed in in Southern Shores was enormous. It was really generous of my parents to rent it. I am grateful.

- Christmas not at home: not all that depressing at all! Particularly when my dad packed a fake tree and it was practically 65 degrees out all week.

- I forgot what day of the week it was countless times.

- Jack said that he learned a bit about what a vacation is for this week. That is interesting to me. He's a tough nut to crack, sometimes, even though he's really very simple. Right now he's happily plugged in to Dawn of War which he finally got installed. :) All week he has been reading Gone With The Wind and giving me updates every time something happens. It's cute. He was the only one of us to actually submerge himself in the ocean, by the way. Only because there was a hot tub, mind you.

I am still a little disconnected. There's so much to unpack and clean up around here, and then my back is still giving me hell. Yes, I am going back for more doctoring. I am going to try to make my bag lighter. I have been concious of how I move and walk and sit. I did just read as much of the 500 post backlog as I could (incidentally - taking a forced break from the internet is not so bad for clearing one's head) but probably missed commenting on a great many things. I have to get to bed soon so I can do drum lessons in the morning. So I'd better go though I am brimming with observations. I loved my time away but I am also happy to be home.

p.s. in case you didn't see this... too funny, the youtube of the week.
Tags: christmas, family, travel
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