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Happy 6th LJ-irthday to Me

Date created: 2000-12-19 18:44:05

Wow. There has been good - meeting new friends, finding lots of people who share my interests, reconnecting with old friends, learning different perspectives, finding new opportunities.

There has been bad - defriendings, deletings, slipups, fights, injury. We learn how to use this tool for good. Sometimes the learning curve is steep.

On the whole, the good so outweighs the bad.

Technically, I was blogging before that, on Diaryland. It seems like only yesterday... trite as that sounds, I feel like I think of the Time of Blogging as "recent history". One fifth of my lifetime! One fifth of my lifetime I get to keep, in the form of scattered jotted memories and blurtings on this thingy. What would I have lost to my poor memory without it?

I'm better thanks to bloggin'. :)

(Icon courtesy of my shitty webcam circa 2001 or 2! Har!)
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