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weekend review!

fri eve:

on the way home i was really hating on the bra i was wearing, and old slinky black underwire number which was digging in and is clearly too small anyways. so i went to kohl's in the hopes i could replace it and maybe get something for my office secret santa target. i ended up buying 5 new bras for about 6$ each. i threw the other one in the trash. (the winner is vanity fair style 19080, which is very close to this.)

when i got home, i tried to make up for lost practicing time on the drums, and perfected "when you say nothing at all". then jack and i sat down and watched Seven Up!. i heartily recommend this to the amateur anthropologist/sociologists amongst you. oh, and the anglophiles. i really look forward to getting the next installments.

sat morning:

went well. we were both extra chatty. we did a bunch of bass drum exercises. my drum teacher is going to be in a steely dan cover band, and i made him play "peg" for me. hee.

sat mid:

midwinter made the first ever chicken salad sandwich i've ever liked. i think it was the excellent chunky chicken and the curry powder. i played drums a bit with b. and had a really rad time. i didn't let myself be intimidated by the fact that she is the pro drummer. much. i learned that coated sticks give me blisters if i use tradition grip, and that my drum kit sounds like shit and the second i can swap out those appalling evans hydraulic heads, i will be doing that. i also really envy her little kit. it sounded so much better than mine. and so it begins.

sat afternoon:

when i got home, i cajoled jack (it didn't take much cajoling) into going to get BBQ at the famous dave's (i don't think i've been to the laurel famous dave's since 9/12/2001. maybe once.) and going get new guitar strings. secretly, i was overjoyed that he was interested in restringing the guitar since i am sort of scared i'll mess it up, and he's so meticulous. plus, i wanted to talk to someone knowledgeable about drum heads. news flash: no one at atomic music is knowledgeable about drum heads. or they certainly didn't have much to say to me about it. we got some super slinkies and slunk back home. he meticulously restrung the guitar.

sat later:

went to examorata's. hamdango occurred. trimmed tree. ate bailey's cheesecake. rejoiced. made eragon, fragon, hragon, iragon, jragon jokes. i wore my tacky reindeer sweater and it got rave reviews.

sun mor:

while perusing lj, i noticed a fun link zenthia had posted about tiny houses. I proceeded to go on a mad tiny house search and found a news article here and there. and a bonus page about a treehouse maker. (that last one fails at firefox.) i was so compelled by this concept that i think i may have spent a good two hours today looking at tiny house related stuff.

many things this weekend were about simple enjoyment. and something about thinking about this, and living simply has been sticking in my head lately. it has also been on my mind since watching Wonderfalls since the protagonist lives in an RV. this probably is contributing to my need lately to pare down the amount of crap under this roof. more on that later.

sun mid day:

i finally got into a movie theater, something i've been missing and wanting to do for a while. i feel mildly like i've wasted money, since we saw The Holiday and frankly it would have made a better rental. nevertheless, despite its triteness and sappy, corny lines that you'd totally expect, i enjoyed it because i was in a pleasant state of mind. one other complaint: not enough jack black. plus: heartwarming elderly guys.

sun afternoon:

on getting back from the movie, i realized that if i wanted to wrap anything this year, i'd need to get the craft room into some semblance of order. so i really dug in, and after reading all about tiny houses, i got serious about culling. this meant making some hard decisions about abandoning crafts i have been pretending i do for years and years and not actually doing. everything needlepointy and embroidery-wise is going. extra fabric for sewing projects i haven't touched in more than a year, gone. patterns i bought with the intention of making in 1997, gone. i had also, sitting around in there, a big toolbox full of weird bullshit i kept from my childhood. i took it apart and kept a much smaller shoebox full of mementos (sigh - it's still better, anyways). i took pictures and if i ever get them off the camera, i'll make a funny post about it.

sun even:

yup! more tree trimmin'. telf made a fabulous spread of delicacies as per usual, and there was pseuso-california rolls and spreadable cheese snowman and bacon-wrapped breadsticks and my acid reflux is like WO. :) and we trimmed the heck out of the tree and sang the hippopotamus for christmas song. and lars made me almost bust a gut laughing with his creepy cracker-chewing face.

sun late:

i just got finished with some more major work on the spare/craft room. first of all, it's freaking dusty in there. i have no idea how to solve this, since everything that's dusty is fabric of one sort or another. GROSS. we rearranged the furniture a bit and i made more big piles of things to get rid of. if you need a kitty windowsill perch, ddr pads, or compactible wire shelves (alot like this, 16 cubes worth), please let me know.

now i've run myself out of time to read tonight, but i'm working on this.
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