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thursday night dad and i went over to manassas mall and he sat on the bench while i tried on hippie girl shirts. i was hoping he'd agree to my nefarious plan, since i was all the way out in chantilly anyways... after that we went to damon's, which is a steak place that has HUGE GIANT UNBELIEVABLE TV'S on which you can watch sports, news, or play television. i mean, we're talking wall-size tv's. it takes the annoying intrusion of television into a restaurant to a whole new level. but, we had some mediocre food, which was, well, damn, it was disappointing. but filling. then we went back to the hotel and played 4 hands of cribbage... won two, and lost two. dad seems stressed but trying not to be. i so wish i could help.

came home, puttered around, definately wasn't interested in going to nation. the main thing i accomplished was putting together some bags of clothes for the thrift store. i wish i could have gotten rid of more... sigh. i even parted with the velvet pants i love but that are too big so no longer look sexy. i think i then watched law and order, read my new Bitch magazine, and went to bed. this morning i got up and really slacked, cleaned the kitchen, made dinner plans with my ex-roommate for sunday, and then went down to beltway plaza mall for beer and seafood. i had no idea that the 3 brothers in that mall had a bar, much less good seafood. i had fried shrimpies. we went to the beauty supply place and bought some dye. i have a picture here of the result, but it's not really all that good.

i have the worst webcam ever. it's supposed to be pink with black streaks. i think it's pretty phucken awesome, but the black looks blue in that picture. anyways, cheers again to telf for helping me make it happen. we wre going to go through her clothes for things to take to the thrift store, but ran out of time.

thanks to the maryland community i have some ideas of other places to shop for hippie girl clothes. i need to remember to ask janine again for the name of the place she mentioned, too. i still haven't made my weekly schedule or paid my bills or worked out. but i've been having fun at the expense of that stuff!! um. right. so, tomorrow i'll see if that stuff gets done, and then go to sal's party. then later this week, i'll go to the MVA and get the car registered in my name. the sexy little easter egg. wednesday: brickskeller. lately, i have no desire to drink. i was just musing on the attitude that telf and i *used* to take when we went to parties together; it was all about whose bed/couch/whatever we were going to end up on. how much clothes we'd be wearing at the time. the end of the evening was always hopefully in some total state of passing out falling down drunkenness and we always hoped that everyone around us would be like that too. and god knows how many times i was driven home by someone who should not have been driving, but was better off than me... i'm trying at this point to even remember any post-party horrors. i remember the aftermath of the ones i hosted at my house... not so much with the ones at the townhouse korangar lived in or reaching further back, JLM's. christ. i'd better go now, i apparently have a job to do.
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