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weekend wrapup

Hey, it's monday and I have time for a weekend wrapup!

Friday Jack had promised to go musical accessory shopping with me, so we planned a trip to Chuck Levin's and Guitar Center to fiddle with stuff. I needed to get one of those tambourines you can attach to your cymbal stand and he wanted a pedal to fool around with while he figures out the riffs from his favorite songs. At Chuck Levin's I deemed the "helpful" salespeople to be something less than helpful. (The guy in the drums section was positively condescending and nothing will send me out of a music store faster.) (It turned out when I got home I did some research, and what he was saying was not too far off, but his delivery? Uh, no.) So we quickly moved on to guitar center where I had no better luck with drum stuff but they have the displays of pedals all linked up so you can just sit there and fool with each one in turn. We spent a good long while there just trying every pedal. :) Finally we decided on the Boss MT-2 and luckily I noticed they had a used one in the case. We probably could have got one on ebay for cheap but whatever. We explored Rockville a bit, reminiscing some since that's where Jack was living when we were first dating. We had sushi and "scallops butter-yaki" at the place next door to Benjarong (I forget the name). Both of us felt we overdid the spicy later when our tummies rebelled.

Which brings us to saturday, and drum lesson, yadda. We wanted to eat some real breakfast at an IHOP or something, but being a saturday morning, they all had lines. So we went to Popeye's and ate friend chicken instead - totally can't complain about that. We headed west soon after, setting our sights on Winchester and Jack's Grandma. It was a lovely drive and the ipod was serving up terrific driving music. When we arrived we ran into Jack's uncle Tom and Nancy, and chatted with them a bit before seeing his Grandma, who wasn't feeling very well, but we hope it was nice to have visitors. The place she is staying is really, really nice. We also ran into Jack's cousin Eric, and went back to Tom's place in West Virginia, watched some of the films Eric's made (turkey shoot!) and talked a little. Tom lives on a big chunk of land, and like most Big City kids, I have a stunted appreciation of how nice it must be. I'm not sure how to express how I feel about it apart from knowing that I can't fully understand what it is to live outside of the burbs.

We cut out of there and headed for home. I made Jack stop at a Cracker Barrel since I'd been jonesing for it all day. I had yummy grits and sausage and eggs, and during dessert, the following exchange may or may not have taken place:

Scene: Jack and myself, and two spoons, hovering over something called "chocolate cobbler".
Me: Baby you're all that I want, when you're lying here in the bowl, I'm finding it hard to believe, we're in heaven...
Me: I know you're embarassed that I'm singing to the dessert.
Jack: I'm embarassed that you're singing it our song.

In Hagerstown we stopped at the giant outlet mall and I looked for serving dishes. Failed to find any, and ran around the LLBean outlet for a while which was extremely disappointing. No parkas I liked, only a tiny sweater display, and a crap selection of bags. We sang along with the random shuffle of songs all the way home. Where we promptly soaked up six hours of Veronica Mars season 2, which actually left us with alot of questions. Mostly about Kendall Casablancas. Also, <3 Logan.

Sunday was all about Thanksgrabbin'. There was much eating and Mythbusters and people I don't see too often. I was getting worried about all the stuff we need to do for Thursday, but then I kept smelling the fryin' turkey so we stayed for a while. Then I made Jack come with me for the big grocery trip. We ended up with the fresh turkey since there's only essentially 3 thawing days left. Hopefully that will work out ok... then we watched Night Watch while I angsted about all there is to do. I think I should have listened to the hype less because I didn't think the movie was all that great. That or I wasn't in the right frame of mind. Either way, meh.

Current book book: The Shining
Current audio book: The Drawing of the Three

I will be so over Stephen King in no time at this rate.
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