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happy morning - er - afternoon time!

So, yesterday was um, interesting. I didn't end up going to Dr. Dremo's like planned, and I didn't finish making up a schedule for myself because I don't have any more black ink in my printer. Or, um, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. What I did do was have a long talk with S. that was very good and happy. She was good enough to listen to my blab about what's been driving me lately and about my pent up anger and cynicism, but that wasn't all and I was glad. We also watched the original Star Wars, and I confess that other than the final scene, I pretty much had forgotten almost the entire movie. I only have only this to say:

How can that movie be so very much better than Episode 1 and 2????? The dialogue is better, the scenery is better, the characters are better, the DROIDS are better, the pacing is better... I could go on and on. At least it's renewed my excitement in the series and buffeted my interest in Episode 3.

Anyways, I also had a long talk with the director of my department yesterday. He caught me when I was tired and the brain-to-mouth filter was TOTALLY gone. I told him everything I thought was wrong, probably even some things I should have just not talked about, like why the day shift thinks we're a bunch of lameasses. He did pay me a compliment in that he said he really trusted my judgement and always wanted to hear my imput. However, I started having an inkling of fear that he was looking at me as if to say, "gee, if she cleaned up and little better and dressed nice, she'd make a pretty good manager". Not for the amount of money you could give me buddy, no way jose. Heh, the other thing I did tell him was that I wouldn't do his job for all the money in the world. When my ten hours is up, I want to go the hell home.

I just slept for like, 12 hours. YOW. I hate feeling tired when I wake up. And I wasn't even under the influene of the 'Quil. And my cat's ass was in my face. He had laid down next to me in such a way that I woke up, felt fuzz, blinked, and jumped, because that was cat ass in my face. Oops.

Revised weekend plan: Eat breakfast. Putter around. Go to VA to have dinner with me pa. Decide whether alchemy is worth it. Putter around or go to Alchemy. Go to bed. Get up. Putter around. Have dad come over and hang out. Maybe head up to Scott's birthday party after dad goes to bed. Go to bed. Wake up to see dad off. Go back to bed. Putter around until Sal's party. Go to Sal's party. Get smashed and make an ass of myself. Go home and go to bed. Get up. Putter. Back to work.

It remains to be seen whether "putter around" involves "get something productive done" or "watch television", but I hope it's the former. As I was explaining to S. last night, making my life better in certain ways that require work is constantly on my mind, unless I'm doping myself up with the E! True Hollywood story.
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