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I think this post contains one of the better comment threads I've had on this here journale.

Halloween weekend was nice. Friday simplesimon came over and shot the shit with us. I had dinner with battema on saturday, made it to crafting_change's soon after, and jetted over to tzel's to end the night by a real smoky fire with beer and happiness. John and I ate at the sunflower cafe in vienna, which is a veggie place. I ate there! And at Laura's I had vegan pumpkin cheesecake that just blew me away. It would have been an all veggie day except there was 7 layer dip at Telf's. Mmmmm beefs.

Sunday we went to see The Prestige. I thought it was fantastic and stood on its own, being faithful to the book while possibly surpassing it in its own right. Go see it. We did a big grocery trip together which is actually one of life's simple pleasures, and then headed home and I made fake gravestones while we watched GGS6 on dvd.

Today I've emailed both my potential tattoo artist and some potential bandmates that Olya found. And we had the halloween decorating contest at work which, I will not hesitate to say I am completely sick of at this point. I made my office into a scene from the movie Pet Sematary. We got 2nd place. Whee. I hope we get some kids tonight, because I need to unload all that candy.
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