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Shows 3 & 4

My trip to philly was a good one. There were some points where it was not so good: weird Genesis fans, knowing that these shows would be the swan song for a band whose project is very close to my heart. Some anxiety about getting around philly which was totally unfounded. Other than that, I had a great time.

Friday night's show was Foxtrot - they were in the right order this time - and it was good. We were front row center. I am not the best judge of acoustics but I can say that the Tower has really good sound. I felt there was a similar balance issue that I heard in VA too much bass, too little lead guitar. It is possible that where we were sitting was the problem but others noticed this too. I noticed a few things this time that I didn't last weds, most notably that Martin replicates exactly the unique way that PC holds his sticks. In this venue, I was able to turn around and see the air drummers - of which, naturally, I was one - which was about 30% of the audience. It's pretty awesome to see every third person miming along. (When I got home I tried to actually drum along, even simplified, to the musical box (the song) which was a joke. Sigh. Just gotta work harder and more.)

The top number for me friday was Supper's Ready. The music itself got to me, and I felt moved in the way people often describe their reactions to that song. Apocalypse in 9/8 had the incredible build and release, not that it's ever missing, but the energy was really spectacular. The song I thought got the best crowd reaction was Hogweed. Wow! People really get off on that one. Watching, I had the idea that I should try to drag my drum teacher to the Bmore show. He won't go though. I am so stupid, why didn't I think of that for the VA shows!!

In fellow fan news, two of my favorite G forumites are engaged, and I am glad to hear it. I stayed with my friend Tara about 15 minutes from the theater and she was a very gracious hostess. She kept saying the dog was being bad but I thought she was just being a sweetie. :) I met up with people from the TMB list as well, including Jim M. who was the guy who had the baby wearing batwings with him last year. I felt bad I wasn't able to chat with him more but the whole weekend had a rushed feel... and then there was the bad scene post-show. I had told Tara that I might be accosted by weirdoes, but I didn't think I'd be accosted by someone I know. We finished the night early, but I couldn't get to sleep. I was pretty wiped saturday to the point where I went for coffee, which is HIGHLY unusual. The top topic all weekend amongst fans? Holy reunion, batman!

November 7th is the press conference. Commence squee patrol!!!

Anyways, Saturday I took a break to head to south philly and meet up with angela_la_la and rshackleford for hanging outs. We talked about all kinds of things, alot about food! (Swiss ch... ard!) and we went to brunch at the Morning Glory Cafe. I cannot begin to describe how good this was, but I can at least say that I had pecan waffles with homemade peach butter and strawberry jam. It was so. good. A. gave me some habanero garlic stuff in a large vial which I will have to figure out what to cook with. I also magically brainstormed two parties I should have: the Chili Cook-Off (round 2) and a Dress party where everyone who comes has to wear a dress. I mean, how many dresses do you have in the back of your closet that you always kind of want to wear and never get around to wearing? I'd have to figure out a policy for staunch non-dress wearers. Anyways, fun!

The second night of course was Selling. When the intro to Firth of Fifth started up, I knew "Peter" was about to give a long monologue about water... so I had to pee. I almost missed the opening. At the beginning of the show, Martin had to swap out his snare for a clear one for a while - I was very curious what happened and what the difference was. It was obvious this was his backup snare. Hrmmm. The slides were very cool, particularly the moonlit knight slides. It did, as David said it would, add a great deal to the feel of the show. Watching Sebastien, I believe (bass, Rutherford) was particularly fun and I realized what an unsung hero Mike Rutherford seems to have always been. Many of the parts he laid down underneath these songs are intricate and artful in a way it might be hard to realize outside the live setting. Both the drums and the bass are often stunning when the lights are on someone else, just so intricate and beautiful but possibly ignored because it's time for a (also beautiful!) guitar or keyboard solo. Well, obviously not a solo, but you know what I mean.

Post-show was great saturday. First, some guys from the front row were like, "check her out, man! she is HIP!!! she was rocking out!!!" which was hilarious and actually a compliment. They took a picture of me, which was weird but um... well, I hope they see it and remember how hip I am?? I have no idea. The best thing was that some people coaxed Martin up front to talk to the fans which I have already mentioned. Just that brief exposure helped me jump start my practice regimen, and I am not sure exactly why. In the bar post-show I met a dude named Kieran who introduced me to some of his friends, and we all talked about the R*****N and about being giant geeks. Everyone was really nice. Tara and I cut out before too long, being tired, and while trying to get out were accosted by a few male-gazey dudes who asked us which band member we thought we'd go home with. Uh... what do you care? Anyways.

I woke up sunday morning and headed right home. When I got there I rearranged my whole drum kit and now it's much more comfortable. The whole room is set up better now. Phew! I then ran off to Deborah's Arcana game and pretended to be a magical college student a while. Rob made us stew. He is awesome. And of course then the week started!
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