keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

You know what I want?

A hairdresser I can email. Like, back and forth with. So I don't have to have those awkward conversations face to face, and so picture communication is easier.

I also want to not get sick until I get to all the shows I want to get to. (Nov 12th would be an acceptable time to get sick - plenty of time to recover before Tgiving.)

A bigger ipod. A squeaky-clean upstairs bathroom. A way to store CDs on the ceiling. Peace and abundance for all good people.

Last night after I hit the ground in Baltimore Jack and I enjoyed some sushi, and then went home and sealed all our drafty old windows with those plastic & tape kits. Now I think we need to find a way to seal the doors better because they are still letting in a ton of cold air, particularly around the handle/lock area. Jack arranged for someone to come repaint our entire roof. This is very exciting. I really do like the feeling that we are taking better care of our home, even if I strongly dislike the work & expense. If only the journey were more pleasant, really.
Tags: hair, house, wish list
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