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sexism, alive and well

Actual conversation between an actual friend of mine and an actual couple that came in to get their camera repaired:

Man: We'd like to get the camera repaired.
Friend: I'll call that right into the repair department.
Man: What? That's no good.
Friend: Let me call them and see what they can do.
Man: FINE.
Friend: [calls repair dept, gets manager to give personal attention to the case]
Man: What the hell is taking so long?
Friend: Aha! I can send this to the repair department and the manager will personally look     at it, and call you as soon as she can.
Man: What?!
Friend: The manager. Of the department. She will call you.
Man: The manager is a woman? That's not right.
Friend: [begins to gauge bloody holes in her palm with her fingernails]
Woman: Yes honey, you're right, how could they do that. We want someone else to take care     of our camera.
Man: That's right, this is appalling, in fact, let me talk to a man.

Alright, perhaps I am paraphrasing a bit, but this is pretty much how it was related to me. Just incase anyone thought that sexism was old news. It's just not. I hear stuff like this wayyy too often.

Today I considered that just reading a book with a chapter titled, "God and the Limbic System" doesn't mean I'm cut out for medical school and brain surgery. Either that or this is just another rationalization for the fact that I can't afford to go back to school for the immense abount of time it would take to become a neurobiologist.

Also, I have developed a crush on the dictionary pronouncer guy. I could listen to him say surreptitious about a thousand times. "syrup-tishuss". Mmmm-hmmm.

This very same entry is on my diaryland diary, but I get the impression that LJ people don't read that, I think, so I'm just putting it here too.

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