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weekend wrapup: part 1

I kicked off the weekend in a rush - I rushed home, rushed through packing for my trip to Richmond, rushed through a tiny bit of drumming, rushed a salad into my gullet, and rushed off to pick up salami_salome. We went over to visit koira and talk through some shit. It was a good thing, and I finally stopped rushing. This is good, because I needed to not be in an anxious mood over the weekend, and I think we achieved that.

Woke up early Saturday for drum lesson. For as little as I practiced, it went well. Good, because I don't have another lesson until the end of the month due to October turning into Crazy Leaving Town Month. Didn't I just have one of those in July? Shit. Anyways, the main freaky part of my drum lesson was him tossing out that I should COME SIT IN WITH HIS VARIETY BAND FOR A SONG OR TWO. I cannot get over this. I am mildly relieved that I'll be busy for the next engagement, because OMG I am not ready to sit down with professionals! Apparently he thinks I am. Um, great! *sphincter clench*

From there I headed straight on to Richmond. I have been listening to Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell for what seems like eons. The whole thing is an astounding 28 discs long or something like that. It's really the perfect level of interest and lack of painful cliffhanger for a commute book. Someone remarked that they couldn't read the book, it was too boring. I think this book will appeal to those who don't need much action. And by not much action, I mean virtually no action. It's a studious book - not challenging, just not button-pushing. I like it. The real fun of the book for me is in its subtltey and lack of clearly defined good and bad. Oh, and its intense britishness. I am clearly an anglophile. And still on disc 18.

First order of business on arriving in Richmond was to find my new friend John's house so we could go to lunch. We almost forgot to have lunch in the face of musical discussion. His prog cd array is formidable but the musical equipment part was what really impressed me. He showed me some of the stuff they are working on for the new CD and the software on which they produce it. Which was really intimidating. Realizing that we could probably listen to music all day and go hungry, we chose wisely and instead had some thai food. From there we hit Plan 9 (to buy music, of course) and then had to wrap up, sadly. I got Six Organs of Admittance's latest The Sun Awakens. Jury is still out on it. I said my goodbyes and headed to the south side.

I'll have to stop there so I can go pick up groceries for book club! More later.
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