keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

I am having the iPod angst. (3rd gen clickwheel.) Now that it's overfull, it definitely has a harder time syncing properly and every other time I hook it up to iTunes, the program decides it is corrupted somehow and won't update it, but at the same time, it won't go out of "don't disconnect" mode so it constantly cycles between oops - we can't update - ok let's try again - oops. So the ipod is unable to leave "please don't disconnect" mode. Which seems pretty fricking stupid for software that is on version 7.

Softball was canceled tonight, so we had dinner with traceracer and jwiv at Cheeburger Cheeburger. Last night it was dinner and talking with salami_salome. I am very lucky.

This morning I went to some dumb Microsoft seminar that was really just a sales pitch. I did this on the very minor chance that they could answer some of my questions about MapPoint, which was sort of naive of me. Oh well, It meant I didn't have to be In The Office first thing this morning so that was nice. Work continues to be interesting and I hope I don't come off as too cranky. I have an IT person's attitude without the brains, and if you don't have the intellectual capital to back that up, people tend to run out of uses for your bullshit. Fortunately I have multiple personalities that kick in from time to time so people insist on thinking I'm a sweetheart deep down inside.

Once again I've procrastinated on drum practice. Tsk Tsk. I'm disappointing myself left and right lately.

Oooh, Jack's here with a glass of wine. Back to the Apple product wrangling.
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