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We did make it to the KPC zen center yesterday. Which of course just served to make me realize how un-zen I am living my life right now. Catty? Check. Holding on to petty resentments? Check. Letting little things get to me? Check.

But in happy news, I cooked dinner! I don't know if baking the tilapia (in a slight amount of oil and a possibly generous amount of butter) is worse for you than going ahead and sauteeing it up in a pan with a pat of butter, but I could make three at the same time and that's what is important. It tasted the same as the frying pan method.

I need to go to the office supply store and get:
1. a binder and sheet protectors for storing loose recipes
2. an alphabetical accordion folder for lyrics & tabs

I need a new bass amp.

And here is my big exciting news for the day: I have to go to Reno, NV in less than 4 weeks for the Wild West vet conference. Um, yay?
Tags: food, zen
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