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In case you're wondering, ProgDay was just about everything I could have hoped it would be. Except a few degrees hotter, but that's alright. Yes, driving down on friday was terrifying at moments, but I made it to the vileone's house with a bit of sunlight to spare. But maybe I'll get to the non-music parts of the weekend later.

This is what the approach looks like at about 11am on Saturday morning. Idyllic is a word I'd feel pretty comfortable using in regards to Storybook Farm, right down to huge monarch butterflies flitting among the participants. No, I didn't see any mushrooms playing saxes but that's only a few chemicals away, if that's your, uh, bag.

I really went in to this event cold, and as it happens this was OK. Four of the bands did sets I really enjoyed and the other bands were at least interesting to watch, if not to my taste. The real gem of the whole festival for me were these guys here, my new favorite band from Sweden, Beardfish. I think those of you whom I usually talk music with, and you know who you are, would really dig The Sane Day. I'd stake a dollar on it. The singer has a great and interesting sound (I hate comparing but I thought of Jack Black) and the rest of the group delivers a sound that is rocking and fantastically melodic and... look I'm not Pitchfork, just trust me. It's awesome. "This one is, in the words of Zappa, a little hard to play."

When I was done being all lovey about that performance, I found the guys from Ephemeral Sun and commenced to bothering them for most of the rest of the weekend. They were very nice and John helped me spend huge hunks of money on cds. Er, thanks! No, it was good I found a bunch of stuff I've been looking for for a while. Finally, the Watch!

The last set on saturday was echolyn and they were very good. I ran out of cash and didn't get their cd, but I'm putting it on the list. I had a similar feeling about Spiraling on sunday morning. Starting a show at 10:30 in the morning is weird. Anyways, as some random stranger noted, they had some stuff that you could imagine hearing on the radio in their set, which doesn't bother me any, but they were the least proggy group on the bill.

It was nice that you could chat with random strangers. Everyone was really friendly. And, whoah, music geekery, loving it.

Anyways, on Sunday the highlight for me was definitely these two guys from Hands who gave me some mad percussion envy. I liked the songs in the set, I liked the vocal harmonies, I even liked the Warr Guitar, but the drumming was simply kickass. I ran back to their table once their set was done and went all fangirly on them. I must have made an ass of myself several times over this weekend. Oh well, I am naturally enthusiastic, and it's hard to be cool when that's going on. :)

I stuck around for Hamster Theatre because I'm a sucker for an accordion. But at that point I was done and I was overheated and so I skipped out before the last band and headed for Richmond and keryx. I am so doing that again next year, if possible.
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