keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Oh man, I just remembered I had this great dream last night (before the cat woke me up by dumping over my glass of water on all my books, no no precious books!) wherein traceracer had this privvy knowledge of the fact that Neil Young had a townhouse somewhere in Columbia. We went over there with some random guy and the guy and I helped do something around the house, like fixing gutters or something, so Neil Young came out and decided to sing us some songs in payment. So we were all sort of laying around on the front lawn singing with Neil Young. Neil was wearing some kind of crazy drapey cape-coat thing and possibly a Confederate army cap. This makes 2 pleasant Neil Young-related dreams I've had now.

We had a jam on sunday. It went well. O's SO came and filled in on guitar for us and did a great job of it. Other things lately: peril_book_club meeting (I failed to read the Panda book because it was making me too upset) and Talladega Nights which I thought was pretty hilarious. Normally I hate the Borat guy but he was awesome in this. I would say I liked it better than Anchorman, for those who keep relating those two movies for whatever reason. Also they totally underused Andy Richter.
Tags: dream, jam, movies
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