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Our bachelorette, msteleute, has been fêted! Almost everything is cleaned up. Tapas Teatro is phenomenal, people. As is the Icarus sculpture in the AVAM. (And I have a better, more firsthand appreciation for the hard and worthwhile work fabulist has been doing.) Making over my friends with pretty colors: quite fun! I still have no idea what chocolate I love best, but there is no mistaking the best wine for tasting them: Shenandoah Zinfandel.

I feel much better than I did a few days ago. A great deal of this is directly relatable to how warm and loving my friends are. I am very lucky. Things are still a little oogy in my brain, and I have a very clear and bright red reason to pin alot of mood things on, but perspective has been regained in some small measure.

Now I'm thinking good thoughts about getting out on the road in a week and listening to some music. And thinking about collapsing. Goodnight!
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