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By the way, thanks to the kindness and generosity of y2kdragon, I was able to test drive a Honda Fit, his in fact. I can say with confidence that this is a great car. If I had not set my sights for horsepower so high, I would absolutely be considering buying one. As it is, I know that for practicality's sake I have dropped *sigh* the Mustang off the list, but I keep thinking about how awesome it would be to drive. So with that perspective in mind, the Fit was up against a bad attitude.

The comfort level is really nice, and I think tall people will be surprised at how at home they can feel in the Fit. It's a little taller than most small cars and it helps make it feel more roomy and guys like Jack won't have to lean the seat back at a 45 degree angle. The front dash controls (radio, climate) are within easy reach when I am sitting in the driving position. I can see out the back just fine and the blind spots seemed relatively small on my short test drive. The other thing i was really curious about is how all the foldy-seat options worked in practice. They seem pretty miraculous on the brochure, but do they really work? I felt like the "long" setting where the front seat folds back to meet the back seat was not necessarily as clean cut as it looks in the brochure, and would take some muscling around to get right. The "tall" setting is nice to have and a great design idea.

Actually driving it was hard to assess, because I am so used to a manual transmission, and this was an automatic. I think any car suffers when you go from one to the other because it never shifts when you want it to. I did note the shift paddles on the steering wheel (only on the Sport) so I could have downshifted if I wanted to, but I was scared to use them. (The Mazda 3 has a similar pseudo-manual thing on its automatics. Although I plan to buy manual.) So it got up and went a little better than my car, but after driving the Mustang and the Mazda, it wasn't, as I suspected, enough for me. Although in the manual I bet it would be awesome for an economy car. Steering and curves were great. The car handles perfectly.

All in all I can give the Fit two thumbs up, although I think my heart is still set on 160hp. (The Fit is 109hp.) Basically, if the drums can be squeezed into the Mazda, that's what I'm getting. It's just a matter of Jack giving the high sign.

On that note, has anyone ever done one of those negotiation things, where you get a company to negotiate the price for you? USAA my insurance company has that, as does my bank and AAA. But I'm hesitant because I don't know if they actually get the best prices. On the other hand, I LOATHE haggling and negotiation.

And thank you tirani for the spaghetti. It was fantastic. And it was lovely to see you both after so long.
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