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cars, again

Trying to decide on my next car is going to give me a brain aneurysm.

It's like I'm on some mood altering drug, I swear! I'm going from one extreme to the other in short spans of time.

Last night I drove the Honda Element (there is a waiting list on Fits - you have to put $1000 down just to see the fucker) and I was all kinds of excited about it. I was ready to be an Element apologist, I like that it's an underdog (people hate it! they think it's ugly! SUICIDE DOORS AGH!) and I know the V4 in such a big vehicle is going to feel sluggish. I was ready forgive it all of this. Then I read a whole bunch of reviews about how the windshield cracks in this one place and you have to replace it over and over. CRAP. Not that I've given up on it yet, but just... man, that depressed me. Particularly since I'd talked myself into how awesome I thought it was for me. I could fit two drum kits in there. I'd take up camping! It gets the shittiest mileage of all the cars I've considered except the 'stang and it would be the most lumbering. But I don't mind driving a bus! Really! :-/

But I still haven't driven some things. (Lots of things. It's getting to the point where I feel like the list of cars I could see myself in is longer than the list of those I can't. Everything I drive I love. This was supposed to HELP me make a decision!)

So today instead of having lunch I drove the Forester. I drove the Turbo premium with all the gadgets, and then I drove the plain baseline. One word about the Turbo: want. Considering looking for one used. This is a very nice vehicle and no one seems to say a single bad thing about it.

Of course, if I read the reviews of the Fit on epinions and carsurvey, etc, people think it's God's Own Car. *sigh* But I can't drive it. I'm sure I'd probably like it.

Tomorrow at lunch I'm going to see if I have time to drive the Mazda 3 which I have been hoping to get into for a while. It's getting so bad that I am accosting strangers. This morning at the gas station I had a pleasant conversation with a Nissan XTerra owner who talked me right out of even considering one of those. I tried to sell him the Fit.

Yes, I am all over the map with this! I am obsessed! I think the Aspire is starting to notice and feel hurt. :(
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