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well, i guess my midnight depression is now taking the form of bitchy grumpiness. i'm really sad and/or disappointed that it seems like book club isn't very important to the people who are involved. but see, i shouldn't bitch, because i've slacked on it in the past. but i just have this beautiful dream of everyone on the list participating and voting and everyone finishing the book and coming to the discussion and talking and debating and learning about the subject and each other. because i'm lame. so, this month we are reading V.S. Naipaul's Half a Life.

what else happened today... not a whole lot. dad drove up from norfolk for work, i'll probably see him tomorrow. i caught the x-files series finale, which was... well, i haven't watched the show since before the movie came out. but for someone who watched it all excitedly first and second season, it was pretty lame. oh well, that's something completely unimportant to the grand scheme of things. i also, um, vacuumed yesterday. ooh, ahh. and changed my sheets. it wasn't all the stuff i wanted to do this weekend, but it's better than having achieved nothing. so tired - 5 more hours. sigh.

i confess, i do feel really grateful about several things right now. i feel loved. i feel blessed.

my hair, the pink, it's a wreck. this, i feel not only not grateful about, but even kind of... angry!!
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