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Food for thought.

I made a spreadsheet. About the daily cost to operate the car. Gas, insurance, payment.

Current per day: $5.88 (obviously, I don't have a car payment.)
Mustang per day: $28.47
Mazda 3 per day: $21.89
Forester per day: $24.05

It would cost me about $8 a day in gas to drive to work in the Mustang. My insurance would double. (It would almost double with about any new car, is the thing.)

It is good to balance dreaming with thinking during this process. In the meantime, I really hope my car keeps going for a little while longer, because I am going to miss fun money.

If you don't mind my asking, how much does it cost you a day to drive your car? I turned on anonymous posting if that makes you feel better.
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