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So my month of Pennsylvania has ended. examorata, tzel and I trekked up to Gettysburg to shower msteleute in her bridalness, and it was a successful trip in all ways except getting to go on a ghost tour. I discovered a skill I did not know I had: making the rehearsal bouquet from the various white bows that come off shower presents. I tacked those things to a paper plate like nobody's business. Later on, we had a fantastic dinner at the inexpicably empty Mamie's where the tableware was elegantly asymmetrical and everything was a little mod and the food was quite tasty. We also got a tour of the college from traceracer... what a lovely place!

I slept like a log (although I had extremely disturbing dreams about stopped-up toilets and prom dresses and my ex-boyfriend Dale) and we woke up with plenty of time to hit the breakfast buffet and hit the road. Which was blocked just after the Boyd's Bear Compound, but we made it out of Gettysburg anyways and slinked home, exhausted by something I coudln't put my finger on. On the way home these chips caught my eye. They are my new favorite chips, oh my god.

Sunday also happened to be my birthday, which I took an incredibly lazy approach to, so the first thing I did when I got home was take an hour long nap. (I never take naps, so that was weird.) Jack bought me a present, which, if you know Jack is rather a big deal. It is the Freaks and Geeks DVD set. So if you haven't seen that show, you should come over. Later on he took me over to Bethesda where I ingested a plateful of the best fajitas I've ever had at Rio Grande. It's been probably about 2 years since I ate there. It's my favorite! Am I really that allergic to driving to Bethesda? Moving on, I indulged my getting shit done fetish by purchasing a Miquelrius notebook. Don't even mention that I already have a Palm and several other notebooks already, and that there is alot of shit I don't get done. Shoosh! We then wandered over to the Landmark and caught a showing of Prairie Home Companion which Jack dutifully stomached due to his eagerness to celebrate the anniversary of my birth. I don't care that it seemed tacked together and didn't make a whole lot of sense and contained farting for no apparent reason. I loved it. It was a wonderful date night with Jack and I went to bed happy to have turned 31.

Today was about working from home and meeting contractors. I met with a guy from SavaTree who was very professional and gave us a reasonable (I think) quote for chopping lots and lots of bits of our trees away from the buildings and thinning them so we might ever get sun in our back yard, so I talked Jack into taking that offer over someone who quoted a lower estimate because I had this feeling that these guys are going to do us right and professional-like. I hate making these decisions and Jack talked them down a little while I squirmed and equivocated internally because I loathe haggling. Later on the roof guy came and took a look at our roof which clearly needs repainting. That's a much, much more terrifyingly expensive ordeal and he's going to email me a quote and I'm just terrified of the whole thing and none of the other roofing guys I called even called me back. So roof: still in limbo and hopefully not rusting or something in the meantime.

Then we had book club, as I suspected everyone liked Geek Love. The next book is going to be The Lady and the Panda which was chosen after a very FL-esque voting fiasco.

We just watched the commentary for the I'm With the Band episode of Freaks and Geeks, and as a result I handed Jack the tabs for "Spirit of Radio" which is he furiously attempting the opening to right now. I have a peaceful, easy feeling. No, really.
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