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Dragged Jack out tonight to test drive the Mustang, finally. I think he may have come away from the experience more excited than I was. My excitement was tempered a little, but that's like saying Tom jumped up and down on Oprah's couch one less time. I am happy that the visibility isn't too bad out the back, and trepidatious about the stiffness of the clutch pedal. The first time I got into any traffic, I'd literally cry from the pain in my left leg.

After we got back to the lot and had the proverbial cigarette, I drove the RSX. I believe this was a poor choice of order of operations. Like I said to Jack, it's like going to the gun range and firing the 50 caliber Desert Eagle first. Everything else just sort of pales. I also took a closer look at, but did not drive, the Honda Element (the sales guy just wanted to show it to me so badly!) and the Subaru Forester. Dirty little secret: I love the Forester. If I had dogs, I'd git me an Element, btw. Designed to be hosed down!

Then we went to Tampico, ate fajitas, and did Mustang impressions. Or Muppet impressions. It's a fine line. ("GUnhhnghaBRrrrruuuugggg" "burrrrburrrburrrr") He's so sweet to even begin to even think about considering this as a remote possibility for our little family unit.

Next up: Honda Fit, Mazda 3, things they don't have on the Carmax lot.

Earlier this week I participated in a one-shot tabletop game of Mortal Coil run by Rob D. It was actually quite fun. I haven't played a tabletop game since either Ash ran his game or since Chris ran 7th Sea? If I am forgetting someone's TT I've been in in the past 6 years, I apologize. Gene's zombie game! I knew I was forgetting something. I didn't perform real well in that one, as I wasn't taking it too seriously. Anyways, I typically snark about roleplaying and get all snobby about it but I'm actually a total freaking n00b who has no idea how she'd react if she was really challenged. I got really into it! I mean, I thought I couldn't really "act" anymore. But I think I was kind of chomping at the bit to do that. I suprise myself constantly. To round out this post, I will just note that this is my favorite of those RPG motivational posters that are going around.
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