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my robot thingy

I normally ignore these annoying quiz things but I'm bored! Here's what robot I am.

Click here to find out what robot you really are

Yesterday I bought lots of CDs. Quasi, Le Tigre, the Jayhawks, Magnetic Fields, and Paul Westerberg, to name a few. I wish I just had 3 days to sit with a friend and listen to music and talk about it and do nothing else. I need to buy trashy boots for my halloween costume as well as a fake ponytail. Walking into work tonight, I remembered a time a few weeks ago when I saw a praying mantis on the sidewalk. I squatted down to look at it. People sitting in the nearby coffee place probably thought I was a loon, but as I moved back and forth, I could see its tiny head following me. It was so cute. It was actually quite beautiful. But yeah, the halloween costume, I'm going to be the dumb blonde one of Josie and the Pussycats from the movie. It's kind of appropriate, because sometimes I am just really ditzy. And I love animals.

It's funny... I just spoke with someone who is an old friend, and in a way an old enemy. He doesn't understand how attractive he is. I hate to see people so caught up in this obsession with appearance. I know how it feels though. I am still learning, but I think I can see beauty in people in a different way. I hope I can, anyways. I wish I could explain it, it's like I look at someone who is not beautiful by the western standard, but I can see this amazing beauty in their shoulders, or their eyes... well whatever. If I go on it will sound stupid and trite.

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