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This is the stuff that's been ruling my life lately:

Garth Nix and his book Sabriel. It's a good book. It's no major work of contemporary literature, but I really enjoyed reading it, enjoyed the characters, enjoyed the fact that the hero is a girl. He gets into the world without a bunch of excess hoo-hah and without a single eye roll, for me at least. They keep this one in the YA section, so if you're out of Harry Potter to read, or if you want something a little more gothy, pick this up. It's a good escape. I'll be starting on Lirael after I read the book for peril_book_club.
Carpenter Ants. So we sucessfully got rid of all the teeny ants. They are dead dead dead or they figured out we're not a hospitable location. But now we're getting those big, nasty looking centimeter long ants, specifically in the kitchen. I asked Jack to go ahead and call an exterminator, because I am so over not feeling like I can cook in the kitchen. Bah. Ew.
The Mustang. Since the radio in my car (or more likely one of the fuses) pooped out, I have been unable to entertain myself any other way on my morning commute than looking at other cars. Fortunately I enjoy this. I've been counting the number of Mustangs I see, what model, and whether it's a convertible. The Genesis forum guys have been telling me a little about how it is to drive a rear wheel drive car, and I positively itch to test drive one, but haven't had time. I wish I knew a place you could rent them. I'm saving up money, so we'll see. My car is getting... worn around the edges. I will just thank my lucky stars it is still running.

Other than that, we got murdered in softball yesterday. I brought Lou along to play with us and he had to endure trial by fire. The team we played belongs in the fricking B league, not the D league. This would be tolerable to some extent if they had more of a sense of humility about it. But anyways, it sucked only in the sense that we lost, I still managed to have fun.

I got the best of Inked on Netflix. Silly me, I thought the show was about tattoos and tattooing! Seems like it's more about the stupid melodrama of the staff's lives. So far, I way prefer Miami Ink. I think about my new tattoo design idea every day, but I still fear it being in such an obvious spot. I go from feeling like "I am so ready!!!" to "God I'm such a candy-ass and I can't get it THERE" on a regular basis. I wish I could shuck off my last reservations because the idea just gets better and better and more developed. I suppose the other barrier I have is that I'm scared I won't find anyone I feel I can trust enough to do it. I know I have lots of recommendations but I really want to feel comfortable with the person. Sigh. Angst.

Time to go deposit the ol' paycheck and have the celebratory paycheck lunch at the Lebanese Taverna.
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