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Bonus! Ebay wins.

Exciting news: I actually won some imps on Ebay for cheap. It's a dangerous thing, is that Ebay. Anyways, since they will probably beat the actual order here, here's what I'm getting:

Batch 1:
Gaueko, Loviatar, Debauchery, Kabuki, Hamadryad, Lucy's Kiss, Silk Road, and Highwayman.

It sounds like Silk Road might be oldish. But hey, there's Hamadryad! And two things from the wish list I posted yesterday. This will also give me some trading material.

Batch 2:
Voodoo, Kostnice, Tintagel, Scherezade, Hemlock, Moon Rose, Psyche, Kumiho, Rapture, Bayou, Empyreal Mist, Perversion

According to my notes I've tried Bayou at our last smelling party, and it dried down soapy on me, but I loved it for the first few minutes... I want to try again, because it sounds PERFECT for me. I am a glutton for punishment. The rest are at least intriguing and don't contain any notes I already know go bad on me...

That should keep me happy for a while.
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