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BPAL Updates! Long time no smell.

So as it turns out, I didn't do a great deal of reviewing for my last order. Many of the scents just didn't excite me that much despite being pleasant, and other things captured my fancy. The short story is, I will be looking to get rid of my imps of Gluttony, Umbra, and Alecto. And it's long past time to make another order. So today, I did just that.

Of course I got some full bottles of things which I've been desiring for a long, long time: Grandmother of Ghosts and Black Forest. These are head and shoulders above the rest, although I have a good long list of scents I love enough to get 5mls of, including:

Omen, Saint-Germain, Scheherezade, Lust, Cathedral, Spellbound, Vicomte de Valmont, Loup Garou, Oberon, Czernobog, Gaueko, Greed, and Dragon's Musk

That's quite a ridiculously long list. I found the common notes in them by making a (commence eyerolling) spreadsheet which I keep in my BPAL binder (continue eyerolling). Current frontrunners are juniper, musks, myrrh, cypress, mosses, and ambergris. Based on these and my own sense of whimsy I made a want list. Today I ordered the following imps from that want list:

Cathode, Midnight, Sea of Glass, Szepassony, Mad Hatter, Viola, Vinland, Coyote, Thanatos, Polyhymnia, Ouija, Jazz Funeral

Which leaves the following desired scents as yet untried, and hopefully not forever although it will seem like forever between this order and the next:

Bewitching Brews: Arachne, Dee, Black Tower, Lightning, Ulalume

Funereal Oils: Thanatopsis, Wings of Azrael, Danse Macabre

Sin & Salvation: Hymn, Penitence, Death on a Pale Horse

Love Potions: La Petite Mort, Lucy's Kiss

Diabolus: Malice, Masabakes, Phantom, Wicked, Medea, Nosferatu

Mad Tea Party: Mad Hatter, Mock Turtle, Caterpillar, The Unicorn

Illyria: The Apothecary

Wanderlust: Amsterdam, Crossroads

Rappacini's Garden: Sundew

Excolo: Anubis, Hades, Lilith, Odin, Nuit, Utrennyaya

Maelstrom: Berenice

Voodoo Blends: Vanvan

I'm not sure if I can handle hosting another scent fiesta due to time constraints, but if anyone sees anything in my order they want to try, let me know and we can get together, or if you have something on my want list that you are willing to let me try, please help me out! Or maybe by the time my order comes in, I will be done with the Summer Of Road Trips. We'll see!
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