keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Long Live Club

I did sacrifice sleep last night and for the first time in maybe years made it out to Alchemy. I missed the announcement of where Alchemy is moving too, but I am sure we'll all miss Nation, the big ugly warehouse of danceitty goodness. It was completely awesome to see...

blindtillnow, bronzemountain, castironskillet, cheetahmaster, devolutionary, dj_ango, I'm pretty sure I saw dreamingjune but didn't get to say hi, elizardaa, frecklefaerie, judithiscariot, maroonmd, mcoletti, mephisto21, mtvs, oontzgrrl, ovipositor, phrifuzzbuzz, pictsy, professorbooty, t1tdave, teky4lf, ceciskittle, traceracer, transentient, and utforsker

... out having a good time. I started the evening with grumpypants, feeling kind of over the whole thing and wondering why I was there but it only took finally getting through the drink line to get comfy. I danced. I am appropriately sore and tired. I am sorely disappointed that I never heard Apop or Beborn at any point in the night, but then I was not paying the closest attention. I had a nice chat about cribbage and being a Navy brat. :) And I don't even feel too bad this morning and made it into work almost as on time as usual. Speaking of work I better go do some but suffice to say I am REALLY glad I made it to the last night @ Nation.
Tags: club
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