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OK, as I am an inveterately bad present buyer, I never expect presents from other people. Chances are if you are my friend you have experienced a moment of "Damn, Kim forgot my birthday?" or "Thanks for the... hug." Nevertheless, there are always people who are still most generous of spirit who want to get me presents for my birthday. For these steadfastly giving souls, I would like to just say I do have a long-ass wish list over on amazon of obscure cds that you can't just walk down to the CDepot and find.

Apart from a Mustang, Peace on Earth, and More Spare Time, that's what I want for my birthday. :)

This weekend was, by the way, fucking fantastic. Friday night was spent cleaning the house all over. Saturday started at 7am...

listened to car talk... got to drum lesson, had drum lesson, felt ashamed i didn't practice more... zipped home and cleaned more... greeted nostradomnatrix and bigdaddygoat... had lunch with same at jungle grille in CP... toodled up to Atomic and shopped for a guitar for Nostra with much success... toodled home and gave impromptu sermon about music theory... sat down and went "buh" for a second before ushering in panicsyndrome and eventually mephisto21 for jam session... rocked the house for a few hours, including dragging Jack in on vox... and then lots and lots of people came and partied... crafting_change's vegan twinkies were a big hit and i drank a bottle of wine and hell, there were impromptu sing-alongs. i debuted the rock camp dvd. we will do this again soon. finally crashed around 3, utterly spent and satisfied.

Sunday was grueling softball practice (I caught an actual ball in the actual outfield which was pretty much the highlight of my day.) and then Pirates 2. I ignore the naysayers, because Pirates 2 was lots of fun. I did think it was a tad too long but whatev. I had a sesame seared tuna salad for dinner and weirdly find myself on a seared tuna kick now.

If you haven't been to Tsunami in Annapolis, it's pretty fantastic. That was my lunch on friday - a bento box. For $8 I got teriyaki shrimps, rice, a salad with fancy ginger dressing, and 6 rolls of whatever you call those sushi rolls with crab in them. It was awesome. Come have lunch with me in Annapolis sometime and see.
Tags: food, jam, movies, party, softball, wish list
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