keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark


Ant problem: Solved. Like, as far as I can tell, within 24 hours, there are no more ants. Whoah.

Weekend: kicked off with some tabling at the Red Emma's Radical Bookfair for the Women's Prison Literacy Initiative. We made a few contacts and saw lots of awesome tattoos. More of that tomorrow - potentially 8 full hours, we'll see. Hopefully a little more traffic for the saturday programming.

Softball: This week we won both games. The other team took it overly poorly. Hey guys? We've lost before. We're not trying to be assholes.

Drums: Inching along with everything due to not practicing enough. He has me doing a Backstreet Boys song for lessons. UGH.

WoW: Reactivated. I started up a new druid on Lethon and zarobi is helping with supplemental powerleveling. I even had to fill out an application for a guild. So insane. But at least it's fun right now.

Parents: visited last weekend. We had dinner at Donna's (in the torrential downpour) and brunch at Clyde's. I miss them a heckload when they are not around.

Smoking: I have gone 48+ hours without a cigarette. I can't call this quitting because I'm going to be going to the last night of Alchemy at Nation and, well.
Tags: drums, family, softball, wplib
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