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According to my revised vehicle desires (upon reading Consumer Reports' new car magazine) I am undergoing what would be called a small mid-life crisis. I am now wondering if I could swing either the Acura RSX, VW GTI, Mazda 3, or Civic Si. And to further prove I've been captured by aliens, I find myself wanting a spoiler to make the car look "cooler". Can I look at myself in the mirror? Yikes.

The Mustang V6 has a very poor reliability rating. The V8 is much better, but I can't justify that. It's just wrong. While that is the most attractive car on the market right now (one girl's opinion) it definitely fails more than one practicality test. It fails virtually all of them.

But suddenly, incredibly practical little hatchbacks are looking more like underappointed little boxes. And they don't really have that much cargo room. And if I'm not going to have cargo room anyways, why don't I get something that will accelerate decently?

* What cars turn your head when you see them on the road? And I don't mean Lamborghinis, I mean regular cars.

(Lately for me it's the Mazda Protege5 but that's not in their current product line.)

Footnote: I can't get over how many SUVs there are out there. It still baffles me every day. It's so expensive! Way more expensive than my sportycoupe dreams!
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