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Hatchbacks Round 2

I have finally got around to revising my hatchback grid. (Original discussion here.) I have added both the Mini Cooper and the Pontiac Vibe, and I substituted the Mazda 3 in for the Mazda 5. (For some stupid reason I thought the number had some relation to the number of doors on the car. Silly me.) The Vibe is now 5th in the MPG race, and I will note that it gets tons of great reviews. It is available in an AWD version which is neat, but will no longer be available on the 2007 version. So here you go:

Hatchback Comparison v.2

I itch even more to test drive. Honda, Toyota, Mazda, and Suzuki are the top of my list for that. Maybe later this summer. Not that my car is a problem, although right now it smells like death is coming out of the AC vents so I swelter. I just want to be prepared. In case. (Yeap, jinxing myself right there.)

On test driving... some things I want to make sure I check for are:
a) a place to hold one's ipod
b) a place to hold one's phone that is not the place the ipod is sitting
c) a place for a drink that is not either of those two places
d) good rear visibility
e) lack of road noise

What else are quirky things you pay special attention to on a test drive?
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