keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

North Carolinians & Prog Fans

So in typical leaping-in behavior, I just got meself a ticket to ProgDay at Storybook Farm in NC. Who wouldn't want to go somewhere called Storybook Farm for a prog festival? No, I've never heard any of these bands before... *grins*

Initially Jack wanted to go with me which is very sweet and I would love to have him along, but I think he would just be bored out of his ever-loving mind and wish he could be sitting in the hotel play WoW on a laptop rather than watching me enjoy music he's never been all that into. He knows that if he changes his mind he is welcome. :)

So at any rate, I'm going alone. (Unless someone on my friends list is like "sure I'll go" which I so doubt.)

Anyways, hey North Carolinians! Care for a visit? I am sure I could swing by while I'm close... (the place is near Chapel Hill.)
Tags: music, travel
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