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Just what does eminem mean when he says "two trailer park girls go 'round the outside"?

I'm so naive. I'm also a bitter, bitter person. Most of you know I have a passionate enjoyment of Trading Spaces. It comes on at 4pm. I just have to remember to NEVER, EVER, EVER turn to TLC prior to the moment of 4pm. Becuase the show that's on before it is "The Wedding Story". "The Wedding Story" makes me want to vomit. Even just seeing it for 5 seconds. Vomit. I think that speaks to my bitterness, but really it also speaks to the fact that that show is nauseating.

Yesterday I played tennis, and my knees hurt. I'm really hoping that I didn't actually damage them in the accident and not know it. Then later Pam made dinner, and it was really good. I'm really happy about this home-cooked food trend in my life lately. Did I mention that I made my mom and dad dinner last weekend? Yay.

Car's still in the shop getting tons of work. Sigh. I just can't wait to have it all set and registered and I can drive, drive, drive it. Yesterday while I was in the McDonald's getting lunch waiting for it to be inspected, there was this guy with a huge mole on his face. But NOT ONLY was it a huge scary mole, but he had a whole set of long hair growing out of it. And when I say long, I mean like 6 inches long. I almost didn't eat. But I was really hungry. I guess if he wants to cultivate his mole hair, who am I to complain?

Ack. Coughing fit. Must recover and call Becki. I might go to Portland later this summer.

Oh yeah, one last thing: I have this huge desire to move to england. But I hear Ireland is easier to get a job in. Sigh. I could always try to join the Air Force like dad said. But then I'd probably end up in Japan or some shit.

Also, last night: wonderful phone conversation. This morning: awful phone conversation. Figures!!
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