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Hatchback Love

So after seeing the new Honda Fit ad in ReadyMade, I got all worked up about the hatchback offerings in this country again. Yeah, yeah, I've been talking at length to myself about my evil desire for a new Mustang, but can I really ever justify that to myself? No. So let's get back to nature: the hatchback. (Longtime readers will remember my threatening letters to Toyota regarding their unwillingness to bring the Echo hatch to the US. Maybe they heard me!)

My Hatchback Comparison Grid.

I spent an unreasonable amount of time (and lost a certain amount of sleep, obviously, it being almost 2am) tonight fooling around on auto websites to bring you this, the smart buyer's guide to hatchbacks (and one wagon, because I heart the Outback) in one simple page. If I have missed any hatches available in the US, please let me know. Or if there's something I didn't compare (I left off warrantees because it was annoying me) let me know and I'll add it.

There are some clear winners in certain categories: Yaris/Fit for gas mileage. Aveo for price (who knew you could still get a car under $10k!). Yaris for color choice (there's a whole essay on the stupidity of only having blue, silver, white, and red to choose from welling up inside me as I write this). Scion for audio options. Kia and Chevy for not populating their brochures with inane flowery verbiage.

The Aspire 3.0 just hit 105,000 miles. Some of you may remember back in November last year when I spent $900 getting some bearings in my tranny replaced... that was about 6 months ago. I think $150/mo is not so bad. I remember thinking "if it just lasts three months I'll be okay with this..." but now I would be happy if it got me another year. I am optimistic. Doesn't stop me fetishizing other cars. The Aspire understands. I'm just polyautomotive.
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