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weekend roundup & music begging

last thursday examorata came by my softball game, which was extremely cool. not many people actually come to see the games so it was a refreshing change to have a friend spectating! obviously our games are nothing special, being the d-league and what-not. this week we don't have a game and i'm terribly glad for the week off.

friday was the day of Big Work News. i can't really expand on that but it's not necessarily bad or good... yet. i went home and spent 1.5 hours making icons for people due to my discovery of icon_tutorial. necrocannibal called so we hie'd up in the rain to their place and watched some Dr. Who. i ate a happy meal. i was happy. it's funny, when i was spending alot of time around rubinpdf i watched almost every Who ep ever. but my ability to recall them is nil. so it's like watching them all over again. (yes, we watched the new one but also some old ones.)

saturday woke up, piddled on the internet, practiced drums, had actual lesson. got assigned another Beatles song. regrouped, watched Orlando (i spent about an hour going "okay, that's great, but where's Billy Zane???*), and then wandered up to Sushi King for the birthday celebration of one salami_salome. truly, it ruled. i got to school a fellow picky eater in what to eat at a sushi restaurant, and then i ate some actual sushi myself, in the interest of continuing to expand my palette. i hadn't tried sushi since tzel had valiantly tried to get me to eat it in college. that's over a decade ago, for those counting. i ate a salmon [thingy] (the one where it's just draped over rice), a philadelphia roll, and a spicy tuna roll. i liked the spicy tuna the best!! i wish sushi were more bite size though! i won't be ordering a bunch of it anytime soon but trying it was invigorating and not unpleasant. i finished off with tempura ice cream. holy crap... that was truly the ice cream pinnacle. i will not soon forget it. later we retired to the birthday girl's house to chill and i almost fell asleep on the couch (and would have if the other guests hadn't sung creepy songs at me.) but then went home and what? you guessed it. piddled on the internet until 4am despite being bone tired. stupid internet.

sunday saw a massive grocery store excursion (dragged jack along because he's ever so helpful when it's time to bring the 4596483 bags of junk in! also because i don't get to spend enough time with him) and massive cleaning binge. we only made a dent in the housecleaning needs but at least our dinner guest didn't have to be grossed out. panicsyndrome visited us for stir fry and I had an awesome time shooting the breeze. i shoved books and cds at him. i like when people are receptive to that. ;)

* I swear I didn't just watch this for Billy Zane. But it may have been a factor.

so, good weekend. i am particularly relieved that the floor got vacuumed. because it was GROSS people.

and i need a favor incase there are any Steve Miller Band fans out there: does anyone have an copy of their song Abracadabra? the cheesy one? that i could somehow have? thanks music friends!
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