keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

SnideGrrl: ebay link i pasted to jack
BizarroJack: hahahaha
BizarroJack: thats awesome
SnideGrrl: i can't figure out what's going on... is the cat part of his crotch, and he's fondling it, or what?
BizarroJack: It's hercules taming cerberus
SnideGrrl: ohhhhh
BizarroJack: greek wrestlers are always nestling their opponents next to their crotch
SnideGrrl: that needs air quotes
SnideGrrl: "taming cerberus"
BizarroJack: like that statue in the catalog where he's grabbing that dude's weiner
SnideGrrl: hahahahahahahhaha
Tags: funny
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