keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Open Question: Gamers

A friend of mine started a discussion in his blog about video games. I had my own personal answers, but I realized when I wrote this...

Playing games for me is different than it is for many real gamers. I play games like someone would play a slot machine. You pull the lever, things line up, maybe some treasure falls out. It's kind of mind numbing and for me it relieves stress. I don't like games to be at all challenging, I just like them to let me zone out for a while.

...that my experience is probably not representative of many other people who like video games. I was remarking that I know people who take on video games as more of a full time hobby or a main hobby, and they feel like they get all kinds of other stuff out of it that maybe isn't part of my experience. So video gamers: How does gaming fit into your life? What benefits do you feel you get out of it? What are the negatives, if any?
Tags: gaming, survey
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